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Wall Board

Custom Equipment To Suit Your Needs

Wall Board, Lumber, and Structural Board

MSP offers custom equipment for wall board, insulation board and structural board. Their offering encompasses from the wet end to the dry end including the finishing and packaging systems. We are a major supplier to the world’s largest drywall manufacturer. MSP offers custom equipment designs for custom solutions along with entire delivery systems. Systems are supplied complete with integrated drive and control systems. MSP’s installations are completed with minimum delay including commissioning and production start-up. Field service personnel are available for emergency service and online support.

Wall Board Market

Wall Board Equipment

Integrated Systems Include:
  • Continuous or Batched Mixing Systems
  • Blending Systems
  • Coaters
  • Calenders and Presses
  • Cooling Systems
  • Motion Controlled Precision Board Cutter Stations
  • Board Inverters
  • Tip Tables for Entry/Exit Multi-Level Dryer Systems
  • Cross-Cut Sections (Inline Saws outsourced)
  • Planer Sectional Conveying
  • Board Diverters
  • Board Up Stackers and Down Stackers
Industries Served:
  • Drywall (Wall Board)
  • Foam Sheathing Insulation Board
  • Structural Board
  • Plywood
  • Ceramic (tile)
  • Composite Board